Uniform recall procedure for therapeutic goods (URPTG), 2004 edition

2004 edition

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12 April 2017

J. Responsibilities of state and territory co-ordinators

State/Territory Recall Co-ordinators have responsibilities in:

  1. Passing on product problem reports and recall action information to the Australian Recall Co-ordinator:
    • Any problem which has been reported to a State/Territory Recall Co-ordinator is to be notified to the Australian Recall Co-ordinator without delay. Advice from sponsors should be referred to the Australian Recall Co-ordinator.
    • Failures of goods found by State/Territory health authorities in testing for State Government tenders are to be notified to the Australian Recall Co-ordinator.
    • State/Territory Recall Co-ordinators are to provide details of recalls to other relevant organisations in the State/Territory.
  2. Maintaining a current Rapid Alert System to communicate in an emergency, urgent safety related information to all public and private hospitals.
  3. Assist in the timely provision of critical recalls information to pharmacists and other professional groups.

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