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Medicine shortages/discontinuations - Electronic notification form: User guide

21 December 2018

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Getting started

Navigation from the TGA TBS home page

Access the TBS home page by opening the TGA Business Services link on the TGA website.

Should you have an old bookmark that shows this screen:

screenshot showing old eBS login link

Then you should click the secure 'Login to Business Services' link found at the bottom of the left-hand pane of menu options (TBS Navigator).

If you are not already logged on, you will be prompted for your user name and password.

screenshot showing TBS login screen

This then takes you to your 'Welcome Page' where you navigate to 'Your TGA' in the dark blue ribbon and then choose 'Medicines Shortages' from the drop-down list. Your 'Portal' view will now appear.

Locate the 'Portal' drop-down button at the top-left of the TBS Navigator panel and open.

Locate 'Create Applications and Submissions' and open.

Locate 'Medicine Shortages' and open. Two fields will appear:

  • 'Notification', which opens a new form to begin submitting a new notification
  • 'Submission', which opens a field that displays previously created notifications and submitted notifications.
screenshot showing location of selections

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