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TGA business plan 2013-2014

Therapeutic Goods Administration

19 December 2013

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Funding, capital expenditure and anticipated revenue

Our finances are managed through the Therapeutic Goods Special Account (under Section 21 of the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997).

The Portfolio Budget Statements includes expenses totalling $148.428 million for the TGA for 2013-14. The appropriations include funding of the new budget measure on High Risk Implantable devices of $3.577m and interest equivalency. ANZTPA departmental and administered funding is held by Health Central Office and not by the TGA.

2013-14 Portfolio budget statements

Budgeted expenses
Actual expenditure
Estimated expenditure
TGA Special Account $131,310,000 $148,428,000
Budgeted increase in expenditure (including capital) comprises:
Estimated Actual 2012-13 $131,310,000
Employee expenses increase (2.5% per Health Enterprise Agreement) $2,175,000
Business improvement and general increase (e.g. rent) $2,976,000
New Policy Proposal (NPP) - High Risk Implantable Device Registers* $3,577,000
Business Systems Upgrade (reallocation of funding from TGA reserves)† $8,390,000
Budgeted expenses 2013-14 (including capital) $148,428,000

* The funding for registers is mainly for work done by other parts of Health, and for contracting groups developing the registers. The TGA expects to retain only a small amount of the funding for its work program

† Funds allocated from cash reserves held in the TGA special account. This allocation was approved in the 2013-14 Budget for the development of new business systems to support the future requirements of the TGA and its industry stakeholders. The new systems will improve efficiency and transparency and be consistent with transition to ANZTPA.

Approved capital expenditure
Out year 1
Out year 2
Out year 3
Therapeutic Goods
Approved internally funded projects‡ $5,052,500 $6,507,900 $5,355,900 $6,939,000

Note: Excludes the Business Systems Upgrade project as a business case has not yet been endorsed.

Anticipated revenue movements
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Anticipated revenue $133,601,000 $134,916,000 $139,233,000

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