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Conforming with Therapeutic Goods (Standard for Medicinal Cannabis) (TGO 93) Order 2017

6 November 2020

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European Pharmacopeia monographs

Section 7 of TGO 93 incorporates the requirements of the following general monograph of the European Pharmacopoeia as being applicable to medicinal cannabis products and ingredients:

  • Pharmaceutical Preparations (2619)

This general monograph encompasses the requirements of specific monographs of the European Pharmacopeia for pharmaceutical raw materials (e.g. active ingredients, excipients) as well as the requirements of general texts (e.g. Residual Solvents (5.4)) and other general monographs of the European Pharmacopeia, including:

  • Herbal Drugs (1433)
  • Herbal Drug Preparations (765)
  • Herbal Drug Extracts (765)
  • Substances for Pharmaceutical Use (2034)
  • dosage form monographs such as Oromucosal Preparations (1807)

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