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Cost recovery implementation statement, V1.1

Version 1.1 June 2017

4 July 2018

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CRIS approval and change register

Date of CRIS change Approver CRIS change
01/07/2014 Secretary Department of Health CRISs for 1 July 2014
01/07/2014 Assistant Minister for Health CRISs for 1 July 2014

Secretary Department of Health

(noted by Assistant Minister for Health)

Individual sector based CRISs updated for 1 July 2015, except for the over the counter medicines CRIS which was updated on 1 January 2016
01/07/2016 Secretary Department of Health Consolidated CRIS updated for 1 July 2016
30/6/2017 Secretary Department of Health CRIS updated for introducing new fees for a number of regulatory reforms and other changes to fees and charges from 1 July 2017

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