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AHMAC - Scheduling policy framework for medicines and chemicals, 2015

12 February 2015

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Chapter 5: Guidelines for public consultation

Guidelines for public consultation - general

Public notifications of decisions and consultations related to scheduling matters are to be published on the TGA internet site.

In accordance with Subdivisions 3D.1 and 3D.2 of Part 6 of the Regulations the Secretary must publish the following information:

  • notification of matters to be considered by Advisory Committees and a call for public submissions;
  • the submissions received in response to that notification;
  • recommendations from the Advisory Committees;
  • interim decisions of the Secretary, along with reasons for the decision and a call for further submissions or requests for reconsideration of the interim decision;
  • final decisions along with the reasons and proposed date of effect for that decision;
  • other than that information which is accepted as being commercial-in-confidence or is covered under relevant privacy provisions (refer to Chapter 6).

Where matters are not referred to an Advisory Committee, the Secretary must publish the final decision, along with the reasons for the decision and the date of effect. Advisory Committees will be notified at the next meeting of decisions made by the Secretary.

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