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Uniform recall procedure for therapeutic goods (URPTG), 2004 edition

2004 edition

12 April 2017

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Appendix IX: Example of a consumer level print media advertisement

Diagram 1: Example of a consumer level print media advertisement

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Urgent medicine recall

<Product name> Elixir

120mg paracetamol per 5mL

100mL bottle

Batch number xxxxx, Expiry date: Dec 2003

AUST R xxxxx

<Company> Pty Ltd, Following consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, is recalling batch xxxxx of <Product name> (which is an analgesic used to treat aches, pains and feverish conditions) because eucalyptus oil has been found in some bottles of this batch. No other batches of <Product name> Elixir are affected by this recall.

If you have a bottle of <Product name> Elixir from batch xxxxx, do not use it. Return it to the place of purchase for a refund or call our customer service line to arrange the return of affected product and refund.

Customer service 1800 xxx xxx

Ingestion of eucalyptus oil (other than in small amounts as in throat lozenges and inhalations etc.) may be harmful. As little as a few millilitres of eucalyptus oil may cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, muscular weakness, delirium and convulsions. Anyone who is concerned in any way about the use of this product should consult their doctor.

<Company name> Pty Ltd sincerely regrets any inconvenience to their customers.

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