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AusPAR user survey results

Version 1.0, November 2016

23 November 2016

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Appendix 1

Question 3 data

Table 1: Which group best describes you?
Category Total (n)
Academic 4
Consumer/Patient 3
Government 11
Health Care Professional 15
Medicines Regulator 4
Media 0
Pharmaceutical Industry 71

Question 4 data

Table 2: Which country do you reside in?
Category Total (n)
Australia 95
Other - please specify 10

Question 5 data

Table 3: Which AusPAR document(s) do you mostly access?
Category Total (n)
AusPAR 88
Extract from the Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) 59
Product Information (PI) 68

Question 6 data

Table 4: How often do you access AusPAR pages?
Category Total (n)
Every time a new AusPAR is published 20
Only when AusPARs on drugs from certain classes are published (e.g. cardiovascular) 57
Rarely 28

Question 7 data

Table 5: What do you use the AusPAR information provided for?
Category Total (n)
Academic research 3
Government related 12
Market research 21
Medical prescriber interest 5
Personal interest 11
Other – please specify 53

Question 8 data

Table 6: How well would you say the AusPAR documents serve their purpose of providing transparency of the TGA's decision process of prescription medicines?
Category Total (n)
Very well 40
Well 41
Somewhat 21
Not at all 3

Question 9 data

Table 7: How useful are the AusPAR document(s) for your needs?
Category Total (n)
Very useful 38
Useful 49
Somewhat useful 16
Not at all useful 2

Question 10 data

Table 8: How likely are you to access information contained in AusPAR document(s) in the future?
Category Total (n)
Very likely 72
Likely 18
Somewhat likely 12
Unlikely 3

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