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Australian manufacturing licences and overseas GMP certification

A step-by-step guide

19 March 2019

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9: Scheduling the inspection

Scheduling procedures

When scheduling inspections, we take into account the type of product manufactured, the complexity of the manufacturing process, the size of the manufacturing facility et cetera. Based on your application, we will:

  • determine the inspection team size
  • determine the inspection duration
  • select the inspectors and specialists who will conduct the inspection

Choosing the inspection team

The TGA will choose an inspection team. The team has delegated authority under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

You may not request or refuse particular inspectors

The inspection team

Inspection teams are led by a Lead Inspector and supported by appropriately qualified and experienced inspectors and, where required, technical specialists. Technical specialists with current, specialised knowledge of the activities inspected can provide a relevant and practical review of critical aspects of the manufacturing process.

Some inspections may be carried out by an individual inspector.

Avoiding conflict of interest

We will not select inspectors or specialists to inspect manufacturers where there may be a real or perceived conflict of interest. An inspector cannot:

  • have been employed by the manufacturer within the three years prior to the date of the inspection
  • have a commercial or financial interest in the manufacturer
  • be a significant shareholder in the manufacturer or the manufacturer's industry
  • have been engaged by the manufacturer as a consultant within the last three years

Generally, no Lead Inspector will lead an inspection of a particular manufacturer on more than two consecutive occasions.

Arranging the onsite inspection

We will:

  • liaise with the manufacturer to determine the inspection dates
  • schedule the dates for the onsite inspection, although these may sometimes need to be changed
  • arrange all travel related to the on-site inspection, including flights and travel allowance, in accordance with Department of Health travel policy

If we need to inspect more than one site overseas, we will attempt to arrange multiple inspections for that trip. This usually results in some costs being shared among sponsors.

You cannot cancel a TGA onsite inspection by submitting a desktop assessment via the MRA or CV pathways if we have confirmed the inspection dates with the manufacturer and begun arranging travel.

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