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Scheduling delegate's final decisions, March 2016

Scheduling medicines and poisons

17 March 2016

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4. Editorials and errata

4.1 Updating names and cross references

Scheduling proposal

The TGA is updating names of ingredients in a number of medicines approved for use in Australia to align with names used internationally. The following changes are part of this process. Further information on these changes is available from the TGA website at: Updating medicine ingredient names

For each ingredient listed below:

  • replace each instance of where the old name is used within the schedules with the new name
  • include a cross reference from the old name to the new name in the Index.
Old name used in SUSMP New name
8-hydroxyquinoline oxyquinoline
acriflavine acriflavinium chloride
amoxycillin amoxicillin
amphotericin amphotericin
chlorbutol chlorobutanol
cholestyramine colestyramine
colaspase asparaginase
di-N propyl isocinchomeronate di-n-propyl isocinchomeronate
ethanolamine monoethanolamine
triethanolamine trolamine
bretylium tosylate bretylium tosilate
butyl aminobenzoate butamben
chlorthalidone chlortalidone
cisatracurium besylate cisatracurium besilate
cyclosporin ciclosporin
delavirdine mesylate delavirdine mesilate
di-iodohydroxyquinoline diiodohydroxyquinoline
disodium etidronate etidronate disodium
disodium pamidronate pamidronate disodium
eformoterol formoterol
ethacrynic acid etacrynic acid
ethinyloestradiol ethinyestradiol
glutaraldehyde glutaral
guaiphenesin guaifenesin
hexachlorophane hexachlorophene
hydroxyurea hydroxycarbamide
indomethacin indometacin
lignocaine lidocaine
methylphenobarbitone methylphenobarbital
oestradiol estradiol
oestriol estriol
oestrogens estrogens
oestrone estrone
oxpentifylline pentoxifylline
pentamidine isethionate pentamidine isetionate
pericyazine periciazine
phenobarbitone phenobarbital
procaine penicillin procaine benzylpenicillin
salcatonin calcitonin salmon
tetracosactrin tetracosactide

For the following ingredients, a new cross reference only will be included in the Index:

  • new Index entry 'epinephrine', cross referenced to 'adrenaline'
  • new Index entry 'norepinephrine', cross referenced to 'noradrenaline

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