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ARGOM Appendix 3: Guidelines on presentation aspects of OTC applications

Version 1.0

12 October 2012

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1. Unacceptable presentation

Section 3(5) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 states that:

"the presentation of therapeutic goods is unacceptable if it is capable of being misleading or confusing as to the content or proper use or identification of the goods and, without limiting the previous words in this subsection, the presentation of therapeutic goods is unacceptable:

(a) if it states or suggests that the goods have ingredients, components or characteristics that they do not have; or

(b) if a name applied to the goods is the same as the name applied to other therapeutic goods that are supplied in Australia where those other goods contain additional or different therapeutically active ingredients; or

(c) if the label of the goods does not declare the presence of a therapeutically active ingredient; or (ca) if the therapeutic goods are medicine included in a class of medicine prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this paragraph - if the medicine's label does not contain the advisory statements specified under subsection (5A) in relation to the medicine; or

(d) if a form of presentation of the goods may lead to unsafe use of the goods or suggests a purpose that is not in accordance with conditions applicable to the supply of the goods in Australia; or

(e) in prescribed cases."

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