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Morphine sulfate injection products availability: Information for consumers

24 January 2013

Update, 24 January 2013: The TGA has been notified by the pharmaceutical company, Hospira, that an alternative source of 10mg/1mL morphine is now available.

The TGA has been notified by the pharmaceutical company, Hospira that it has issues with their supply of morphine 10mg/1mL injections due to a recent upgrade problem at their European manufacturing plant for their product.

Information for consumers

  • On 21 November Hospira first sent a letter to a broad distribution stating there would be supply shortage from the end of 2012 for up to the first half of 2013.
  • In the meantime, TGA has been working with Hospira and we can confirm that Hospira has now secured an alternative supply of the injectable morphine from another source and so we are confident that there will be no shortage of morphine 10mg/1ml injections in Australia.
  • Australia's Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Baggoley, has been working closely with the TGA on this issue and has conferred with all State and Territory Chief Health Officers to inform them of the acquisition of new stocks of morphine and the fact that there will no shortages of the drug and no adverse affects on patients.