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Liko overhead lifts ceiling-mounted rail systems

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Recall for product correction - potential for fastener corrosion when used in chlorinated areas

21 January 2014

Consumers and health professionals are advised that Hill-Rom, in consultation with the TGA, is undertaking a recall for product correction regarding ceiling-mounted rail systems for all Liko overhead lifts installed in chlorinated areas.

Overhead lifts are often used to help move people with mobility problems. Some of these lifts are suspended from ceiling-mounted rail systems which allow forward and sideways movements.

This alert relates to fasteners securing Liko overhead lift rail systems to ceilings in chlorinated areas, typically indoor pools.

Hill-Rom has received two reports from overseas that the fasteners securing rail systems in chlorinated areas have failed and rails have fallen. There have been no reports of this occurring in Australia.

Hill-Rom's analysis of components from the affected systems concluded the root cause was stress corrosion cracking (SCC) on stainless steel fasteners securing the rails to the ceiling. SCC is a type of localised corrosion characterised by fine cracks which can spread rapidly, leading to failure. SCC is exacerbated by corrosive environments such as chlorinated swimming pool areas.

The sponsor has advised SCC is not a concern for installations of rail systems in non-chlorinated wet areas such as bathrooms or for systems secured using carbon steel fasteners instead of stainless steel.

Information for Liko overhead lift owners and users

Hill-Rom has written to affected customers who have been supplied Liko overhead patient lifts to provide further information about the above issue and instructions on arranging inspection and corrective action.

If you work at a facility that uses a Liko overhead patient lift in a chlorinated area advise the relevant manager of this recall.

If you are responsible for a Liko overhead patient lift in a chlorinated area, but you have not been contacted, call Hill-Rom Technical Support on 1800 147 118 or email

All facilities with Liko overhead lifts should also be performing periodic inspections as detailed in the company's Rail System Periodic Inspection Procedure. Pay close attention to any signs of corrosion. If corrosion is visible on any part of the rail system or hardware, suspend the use of the lift until repairs are made by a qualified technician.

Reporting problems

Consumers and health professionals are encouraged to report problems with medical devices. Your report will contribute to the TGA's monitoring of these products. For more information see the TGA Incident Reporting and Investigation Scheme (IRIS).