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EpiPen 300 mcg adrenaline auto-injector

Update - continuing constrained supply

6 August 2018

Consumers and health professionals are advised that the below information regarding EpiPen 300 mcg adrenaline auto-injectors remains current.

The sponsor, Alphapharm Pty Ltd (trading as Mylan Australia), has confirmed that, while supply to wholesalers is increasing, there continues to be tight supply of EpiPens.

Patients who are still having difficulty obtaining an EpiPen should contact their pharmacy for assistance. Mylan has advised that, as a back-up, pharmacies can still follow instructions provided online by Mylan Australia to assist patients.

Mylan Australia's dedicated EpiPen Customer Service Toll-Free hotline on 1800 931 625 is still available for pharmacies.

Medicine shortages

27 April 2018

Consumers and health professionals are advised that there is currently constrained supply of EpiPen 300 mcg adrenaline auto-injectors.

EpiPen 300 mcg is used for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis (acute severe allergic reactions).

The sponsor, Alphapharm Pty Ltd (Mylan Australia), has advised the TGA of the following information:

  • supply of EpiPen 300 mcg is constrained due to manufacturing delays
  • stock levels will not return to normal for some months
  • Mylan Australia has assured consumers and health professionals that while EpiPen 300 mcg may not be available immediately in each pharmacy nationally, they continue to be distributed
  • supply of EpiPen Jnr 150 mcg is not affected.

How to access a pdf document

Further information is available at this website hosted by Mylan Australia:

Mylan Australia has created a dedicated EpiPen Customer Service Toll-Free hotline on 1800 931 625 and is working closely with the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, and Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia.

Information for consumers

Mylan Australia advises patients having difficulty obtaining an EpiPen 300 mcg auto-injector to contact their pharmacy for assistance as stock continues to be distributed, despite constrained supply.

This may require you to leave your prescription at the pharmacy while stock is ordered.

Information for pharmacists

Mylan Australia advises that pharmacists can do the following to help patients obtain an EpiPen 300 mcg auto-injector:

  • Contact your primary wholesaler/s to obtain stock.
  • Order stock, even if the wholesaler portal is showing no stock, because stock is being shipped continually.
  • Refresh EpiPen 300 mcg Adrenaline (epinephrine) Auto-Injector orders with wholesalers on a weekly basis, as backorders are being cancelled after any partial shipment of stock to pharmacies. Please note that if no stock is shipped then the backorder is retained for shipment when stock is available.

If pharmacists encounter any problems with ordering stock, they should phone the EpiPen Customer Service Toll Free hotline on 1800 931 625 or email to obtain instructions on how to access direct supply.

Reporting problems

Consumers and health professionals are encouraged to report problems with medicines, vaccines or medical devices. Your report will contribute to the TGA's monitoring of these products.

The TGA cannot give advice about an individual's medical condition. You are strongly encouraged to talk with a health professional if you are concerned about a possible adverse event associated with a medicine, vaccine or medical device.