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Ensuring ongoing supply of medicines during Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria

17 August 2020

The Medicine Shortages Working Party, comprising pharmaceutical industry, wholesaler and health professional groups and chaired by the Department of Health, supports Victorian Government exemptions to allow continued medicine distribution during Stage 4 restrictions.

Following the implementation of the Stage 4 restrictions on businesses in Victoria, the Working Party met to ensure that stakeholders understood the exemptions that apply to suitably licensed warehouses and distribution centres. These exemptions enable pharmacy supply chains to operate at 100% capacity, assisting with ongoing supply of medicines, as well as medical devices (including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)) and medical consumables, within Australia.

Arrangements are also in place to ensure continuity of supply of non-prescription medicines, including multivitamins.

Details of the COVID-19 restrictions and exemptions for Victorian warehouses and distribution centres are available on the Business Victoria website.

Working party members continue to monitor the supply of medicines and collaborate to ensure the medicine supply chain is maintained and managed during the current health emergency.