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Advertising: Complaints and outcomes

14 September 2020

The TGA's framework for handling complaints about the advertising of therapeutic goods is currently under review. Updated information about the framework will be published once the amended framework is complete.

Making a complaint

If you see an advertisement that looks as though it does not comply with the applicable legislation, you can submit a complaint using our online complaints form.

Before you get started, you should be prepared to provide in-depth information on what concerns you have about a particular advertisement, although you do not need to tell us which section of the legislation you think is being breached.

Make a complaint

When you make an advertising complaint, you will receive an email acknowledging the TGA's receipt of your complaint. The information you provide in your complaint can assist the TGA’s work to identify and address non-compliant advertising of therapeutic goods in Australia.

Complaints are handled in accordance with the TGA's advertising complaints handling policy.

Complaint outcomes

The outcomes of an advertising complaint will be available online.

View complaint outcomes

Actions, such as directions, infringement notices or enforceable undertakings, taken against an advertiser will be noted in the complaint outcome and published on our website. For more information on what consequences or penalties advertisers face if the rules are broken, see Sanctions and penalties.

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