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Adverse event reporting made easier for GPs

Template forms now available

18 October 2018

Template forms for reporting adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are now available to download from the TGA website: Reporting adverse events using General Practitioner software. These templates can be installed in GP's desktop software to make it easier and more convenient for them to report ADRs to the TGA. At this stage, templates are available for use in the Medical Director and Best Practice applications, but this may be expanded upon in the future.

The templates are easy to use and work in the same way as ordinary referral templates. Most of the information is prepopulated; the reporter needs only to note which drugs are suspected and provide some details about the reaction itself. Easy-to-use guidance is also available for installing and using the templates.

This initiative is part of a general strategy to encourage GPs and other health professionals to report ADRs and improve medicine safety for Australian patients.

Any feedback regarding the templates will be gratefully received and may be emailed to