About sunscreen regulation

13 November 2012

Primary sunscreens - regulated by the TGA

Primary sunscreens (products used primarily for protection from UV radiation, SPF 4 or more) and moisturisers containing sunscreen with SPF greater than 15 are regulated as therapeutic goods by the TGA. The TGA also regulates:

  • all sunscreens (SPF 4 or more) that contain an insect repellent
  • sunscreens with ingredients that are from humans, or particular organs from:
    • cows
    • sheep
    • goats
    • mule deer.

Secondary sunscreens - regulated by ACCC and NICNAS

Most secondary sunscreens (those with a primary purpose other than sunscreening but also contain sunscreening agents) are regulated as cosmetics. The regulators are the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). These products include:

  • moisturisers with sunscreen with SPF up to 15
  • sunbathing products (e.g. oils, creams or gels, including products for tanning without sun and after sun care products) with SPF between 4 and 15
  • make-up products with any SPF
  • lip-sticks and lip balms with sunscreen with any SPF.