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2018 survey results: TGA trusted but not yet a household name

20 December 2018

Half of Australians have heard of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). That is one of the findings of the 2018 TGA stakeholder surveys published today.

The TGA conducts surveys each year to seek feedback on our work and better understand the views of our stakeholders.

For the first time in 2018, we conducted two surveys: one for consumers and one for health professionals, medical products industry professionals and other stakeholders.

Across our two surveys we received almost 4,000 responses, which included a representative sample of 1,045 Australian consumers.

Of the consumers in the representative sample who had heard of the TGA, 75% agreed that the TGA can be trusted to perform its role ethically and with integrity. Just 5% disagreed with this statement. Health professionals and industry respondents reported similarly high levels of trust.

But there's room for improvement too. For example, almost 20% of all respondents found our website difficult to navigate, and with half of Australians having heard of the TGA, there's an opportunity to further build awareness of our role.

We are now looking closely at the full set of survey results and identifying the actions we will take. As we did for our 2017 survey actions, we will publish the completed action table on the TGA website in 2019.

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