Updates to the Prescribing Medicines in Pregnancy database

26 May 2016

The Prescribing Medicines in Pregnancy database has been updated as follows.


Prescription Medicine in Pregnancy database has now been updated to include recently registered NCEs as follows:

  • ceritinib (pregnancy category D)
  • cobimetinib fumarate (pregnancy category D)
  • lumacaftor/ivacaftor (pregnancy category B3)
  • panobinostat (pregnancy category D)
  • pirfenidone (pregnancy category B3)
  • selexipag (pregnancy category B1)
  • susoctocog alfa (pregnancy category B2)

Ingredient names

The following medicine ingredient names have been updated in the database to better align with international naming conventions:

  • adrenaline (epinephrine) (formerly adrenaline)
  • amoxicillin (formerly amoxycillin)
  • beclomethasone (formerly Beclomethasone)
  • benzatropine (formerly benztropine)
  • bretylium tosilate (formerly bretylium tosylate)
  • cefalexin (formerly cephalexin)
  • cefalotin (formerly cephalothin)
  • cefamandole (formerly cephamandole)
  • cefazolin (formerly cephazolin)
  • chlorphenamine (formerly chlorpheniramine)
  • chlortalidone (formerly chlorthalidone)
  • ciclosporin (formerly cyclosporine)
  • cisatracurium besilate (formerly cisatracurium besylate)
  • clomifene (formerly clomiphene)
  • colestyramine (formerly cholestyramine)
  • conjugated estrogens (formerly oestrogens conjugated)
  • desogestrel with ethinylestradiol (formerly desogestrel with ethinyloestradiol)
  • dexamfetamine (formerly dexamphetamine)
  • dexchlorphenamine (formerly dexchlorpheniramine)
  • dienogest with ethinylestradiol (formerly dienogest with ethinyloestradiol)
  • drospirenone with ethinylestradiol (formerly drospirenone and ethinyloestradiol)
  • dydrogesterone with estradiol (formerly dydrogesterone and oestradiol)
  • estradiol (formerly oestradiol)
  • estriol (formerly oestriol)
  • etidronate disodium (formerly disodium etidronate)
  • etacrynic acid (formerly ethacrynic acid)
  • ethinylestradiol (formerly ethinyloestradiol)
  • flumetasone (formerly flumethasone)
  • guaifenesin (formerly guaiphenesin)
  • indometacin (formerly indomethacin)
  • lauromacrogol (formerly laureth)
  • methenamine (formerly hexamine)
  • oxyquinoline sulfate (formerly hydroxyquinoline sulfate)
  • malathion (formerly maldison (malathion))
  • nomegestrol with estradiol (formerly nomegestrol with oestradiol)
  • norelgestromin with ethinylestradiol (formerly norelgestromin with ethinyloestradiol)
  • periciazine (formerly pericyazine)
  • tioguanine (formerly thioguanine)

Dual labelling

The following medicine ingredient names have been updated with dual labelling in the database to better align with international naming conventions:

  • actinomycin D (dactinomycin) (dual labelled with dactinomycin)
  • amethocaine (dual labelled with tetracaine)
  • amylobarbitone (dual labelled with amobarbital)
  • BCG (dual labelled with mycobacterium bovis)
  • benzhexol (dual labelled with trihexyphenidyl)
  • colaspase (dual labelled with asparaginase)
  • cysteamine bitartrate (dual labelled with mercaptamine bitartrate)
  • dothiepin (dual labelled with dosulepin)
  • eformoterol (dual labelled with formoterol)
  • frusemide (dual labelled with furosemide)
  • glycopyrrolate (dual labelled with glycopyrronium bromide)
  • hydroxyurea (dual labelled with hydroxycarbamide)
  • lignocaine (dual labelled with lidocaine)
  • methylphenobarbitone (dual labelled with methylphenobarbital)
  • oxpentifylline (dual labelled with pentoxifylline)
  • phenobarbitone (dual labelled with phenobarbital)
  • piperazine oestrone sulfate (dual labelled with estropipate)
  • procaine penicillin (dual labelled with procaine benzylpenicillin)
  • salcatonin (dual labelled with calcitonin salmon)
  • tetracosactrin (dual labelled with tetracosactide)
  • trimeprazine (dual labelled with alimemazine)