TGA tenders

17 October 2017

All publicly available TGA tenders and business opportunities are advertised on the Australian Government Tender System (AusTender) and all documentation is available from AusTender.

Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel

The TGA regulates therapeutic goods through pre-market assessment, post-market monitoring and enforcement of standards, and compliance of manufacturers.

As part of the pre-market assessment of therapeutic goods, the TGA may use external evaluators for the evaluation of clinical, nonclinical, and pharmaceutical chemistry aspects. External evaluators provide the TGA with access to additional resources and expertise to ensure that timeframes for the evaluation of new therapeutic goods are met.

The TGA accesses the services of external evaluators under a 'panel arrangement'.

Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel

The TGA is currently looking to appoint suitably qualified and experienced individuals and organisations with expertise in various scientific and medical fields to the Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel.

The Panel will provide evaluation and advice services to the TGA in the areas of clinical medicines and technologies, nonclinical sciences and quality of pharmaceutical therapeutic goods.

Request For Tender

To be considered for appointment to the Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel, you will need to submit a Tender via the AusTender website: Request for Tender for the Establishment of a Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel

The Request For Tender closes on 31 January 2018, with the Panel to commence on 1 July 2018.

Information sessions

In November 2017, the TGA hosted information sessions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra to provide an overview of the services required and give prospective evaluators the opportunity to ask questions.

TGA presentations: Evaluation Panel Roadshow, November 2017

The TGA business processes for the evaluation of all medicines are broadly similar. As an example, An introduction for external clinical evaluators describes the clinical evaluation processes for prescription medicines.

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