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Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)

19 April 2011

PI/CMI search facility

The PI/CMI search facility allows Product Information (PI) and Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) documents to be searched.

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About Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)

The Consumer Medicines Information (CMI) is a leaflet that contains information on the safe and effective use of a prescription or pharmacist-only medicine.

The information has been written by the pharmaceutical company responsible for the medicine. TGA regulations require that the CMI be made available to consumers either in the pack or in another manner that will enable the information to be given to the person to whom the medicines are administered or otherwise dispensed.

CMIs are important because they provide information aimed at bringing about better health outcomes.

A CMI includes:

  • Name of the medicine
  • Names of the active and inactive ingredients
  • Dosage of the medicine
  • What the medicine is used for and how it works
  • Warnings and precautions, such as when the medicine should not be taken
  • Interactions the medicine might have with food or other medicines
  • How to use the medicine properly
  • Side effects
  • What to do in the case of an overdose
  • How to store the medicine properly
  • Name and address of the sponsor
  • Date the CMI was last updated

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