Almost everybody uses therapeutic goods, such as over-the-counter, prescription or complementary medicines, as well as medical devices, such as gloves, wheelchairs, bandages etc.

This information in this section of the website is for consumers, patients, carers, travellers, etc. It is not presented as medical advice to health professionals or the public.

Information & education

Consumers iconInformation that everyone should know about therapeutic goods, including safety and general information about medicines & medical devices

Reporting problems

safety iconWhat you should report, how you can report and what happens to your reports

Importing by mail or courier

Photo of a travel bag being checked by a gloved official. Two plastic bags of medicine have been removed from the bag.Medical products imported into Australia by mail or courier may be subject to
controls even when they are intended for personal use or non-commercial purposes

For travellers & visitors

Photo of a traveller with a wheeled suitcaseMedicines brought into or taken out of Australia may be subject to import and/or export controls.