Advisory Committee on Biologicals (ACB)

2 June 2016

Role of the ACB

The Advisory Committee on Biologicals (ACB) is established under Part 6 Division 1EA of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990 (the regulations) and provides independent medical and scientific advice to the Minister for Health and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in relation to cell and tissue therapy products ("biologicals").

ACB members


Dr Kenneth Micklethwaite is a clinical haematologist and is the deputy director of Sydney Cellular Therapies Laboratory, Westmead Hospital. He is currently working as a stem cell transplant physician. He is in receipt of an National Health and Medical Research Council New Investigator project grant and is working to develop protocols for the generation of T cells for immunotherapy of haematological malignancies in the Australian context. Dr Micklethwaite supervises Masters and PhD students investigating cellular therapies for the treatment of infection and malignancy, especially in the context of stem cell transplantation.
Dr Micklethwaite provides expertise in the fields of stem cell transplantation, cellular therapies and tissue engineering.


  • Dr Brian Creese is an independent consultant in preclinical and early-stage drug development and has previously worked as an academic researcher and as a preclinical evaluator with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Dr Creese provides expertise in the field of toxicology.
  • Associate Professor Anne Mijch OAM is a consultant infectious diseases specialist with special interest in HIV, STIs and Hepatitis. She established HIV services at Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital then transferred these to Alfred Hospital in Melbourne as Head of Victorian HIV Service. Associate Professor Mijch has been recognised for her work in HIV/AIDS and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for her services to medicine in this field. She is now working as Consultant and Mentor in Infectious Diseases and HIV in SE Asia and Oceania, as Adjunct Professor at Monash University and as a Senior Principal Fellow within the Burnet Institute. Associate Professor Mijch provides expertise in the field of infectious diseases.
  • Dr Marian Sturm is the Cell & Tissue Therapies Production Manager at the Royal Perth Hospital. Dr Sturm has worked for the public health sector for more than 30 years, both in a research capacity and in the manufacture of clinical products for transplantation. She is actively involved in the development of emerging biotherapies and their translation to the clinical setting. Dr Sturm provides expertise in the fields of tissue products, cellular therapies and tissue engineering.
  • Dr Annette Trickett commenced working in blood and marrow transplantation (BMT) in 1985, completing a MSc thesis on purging malignant cells from bone marrow for transplantation and she has a PhD on immune regeneration in patients with HIV. Dr Trickett has directed two public cord blood banks (CBB) and established a centralised quality management service for 12 BMT facilities in NSW. Dr Trickett currently performs inspections of BMT facilities and CBB for the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and the international Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) accreditation. Dr Trickett provides expertise in the field of stem cell transplantation.

ACB meeting dates

ACB planned meeting dates 2016
Meeting no. Meeting date
7 25 August 2016
8 24 November 2016

Contacting the ACB

To contact the ACB Secretariat:

ACB Secretariat contact information
Phone +61 2 6232 8852
Fax +61 2 6203 1250
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Therapeutic Goods Administration
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